A guest blog by – Sam Musguin-Rowe, Unmind

The Hybrid Model of Working: What It Means For Your Business, And Why It Matters To Your Staff’s Mental Health.

Powered by industry experts, this guide explores what work may look like in a post-Covid landscape, why there’s no one-size solution, and the importance of proactive wellbeing support for every worker.

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Unlike the abrupt arrival of working from home (which, for many, sprang up as part of lockdown rules in March 2020), the future of work will be far more considered. Curated, even.

Ever since remote workers retreated into their WFH cocoons – with its rolling Zooms, patchy wifi and split-second commute – company execs and HR leaders have been busy mapping out what comes next. We’re talking new, new normal. Only this time, one that’s built to last.

Though the coronavirus pandemic accelerated what many already saw as the future of work – that is, less dependent on physical spaces, with tech solutions fuelling collaboration – we stand, right now, at a forked road.

Is it really necessary to consign the old order, wholesale, to the scrapheap? Will companies demand a swift return to how things were, regardless of employee support for homeworking? Or is there a balance to be struck – where the best parts of traditional working are fused with the freshly uncovered wisdom of WFH?

For progressive companies trying to navigate this complex middle ground, the future is what’s known as the hybrid model of working.

Completed in partnership with expert voices (including HR leader, Gemma Dale, FORA CEO & Co-founder, Enrico Sanna, and Unmind’s own psychology lead, Dr Kate Daley), this handbook delves into the varied world of hybrid working. You’ll learn of its many benefits, its drawbacks, what this means for the wellbeing needs of your workforce, and the real risk of inter-company infighting (conscious or otherwise).

Whatever’s in store, what’s clear is that employers have a duty to get this right. Not just for company success, but employees afflicted by the rigours of Covid-19 – in terms of their physical and/or mental health – amid a new and uncharted work environment. This guide will help you get up to speed, fast, while also outlining how digital, scalable tools can help companies to empower their workforce – at work, at home, when WFH.

The handbook covers:

  • How to pick a hybrid structure that works for everyone.
  • The WFH revolution: Here to stay?
  • 3 ways to mentally prepare for returning to the office.
  • Early intervention: How to spot the signs of struggle.
  • Moving beyond symptoms to a proactive approach.
  • Download your free handbook

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