Why your workplace wellbeing strategy isn’t working

A guest blog from Virgin Pulse

More often than not, organisations take the “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to employee wellbeing initiatives.

Fruit baskets. Wellbeing intranets. Quarterly events. Although well intentioned, they come across as “box-ticking” exercises.

And we’re here to tell you that, actually… one-size-FAILS-all.

Every single person is unique, both in and outside of work. Some people live and breathe exercising, while others
despise it.

Some people have children, others don’t.

Some people know how to make healthy meals, while
others aren’t so clued up.

So, when it comes to your peoples’ health and wellbeing, of course, a ‘broad brush’ approach isn’t going to work.

If you want your employee wellbeing initiatives to work, you need to make sure they’re personalised to your people.

But first, let’s dive into how the global workforce is coping – or not coping – with their wellbeing at work…

2 reasons wellbeing strategies fail

1. Wellbeing isn’t just physical

Wellbeing also includes:

  • Mental
  • Financial
  • Nutritional
  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Spiritual

If you’re encouraging your employees to take part in a company ‘sports day’ when they have a hidden disability, you won’t be creating the inclusive culture you’re hoping for.

Half of the global population are extremely or very concerned about the state of their finances right now.

So, telling an employee to focus on their physical health when they really need support with their financial wellbeing isn’t going to offer much help.

2. Accessibility Matters

Now people are able to work from home, their office might be their spare or even their own bedroom. Or maybe they work on the retail floor. Or on the road. Or in a warehouse during the night.

Your wellbeing initiative must cater to your employees’ circumstances.
It needs to be accessible to all.

  • In-office perks won’t motivate those on the road
  • A company midday event won’t work for those working from home
  • A library of wellbeing books won’t work for visual learners
  • And a guided meditation podcast won’t work for those who learn from reading

You need a personalised, holistic solution.

The role of technology, personalisation, and employee wellbeing

69 billion people own a smartphone.

That’s almost 90% of the entire human population.

Whether your people are on the road, working from home, or on a shop floor, they have everything they need at their fingertips.

Instead of having to go out and find wellbeing support, they get instant access, whenever they need it.

A mobile-friendly approach to workplace wellbeing gives your employees:

  • More inclusive access
  • Targeted communication
  • Daily nudges, tips, and reminders sent as notifications
  • Easier ways to connect with teams
  • instant access to fun challenges

Employee #1 struggles to get to sleep.
Solution: They can access a 5-minute mindfulness video to help them doze off.

Employee #2 is feeling stressed and overwhelmed a lot.
Solution: They can start one of the many stress-related challenges to help refocus.

What gets measured, gets done

The best way to personalise your employee wellbeing strategy is by encouraging your people to complete a health assessment or lifestyle survey.

It’s time to stop guessing and start knowing.

Health assessments are a quick and interactive way to see how members are doing against each wellbeing pillar. Once completed, members receive personalised reports with specific wellbeing recommendations to help them make healthier choices and ultimately, be the best versions of themselves.

Members can update their answers any time during the year. Feeling stressed in January but wanting to focus on your sleep in May? No problem. Members can track progress, and expect personalised wellbeing content based on their new answers.

A simple yet powerful tool to help your employees kick-start their very own personalised wellbeing journey.

It’s time to drive real change

Find out more about Virgin Pulse and speak to a Health and Wellbeing expert, contact Hussein.hamka@virginpulse.com or visit Virgin Pulse.

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