7-9 FEBRUARY 2022


in person event 7-9 FEBRUARY 2022

Come and join this brave community of Australia’s most progressive Executives and Leaders dedicated to building high energy, high performing cultures where individuals, teams and business truly thrive.

We have a unique opportunity to create a new future.

A future where our people and organisations can truly thrive!

Business leaders like you are telling us they are weary. Overworked and overwhelmed. Fatigued and disillusioned.

What you are craving is Strength. Inspiration. Community. Togetherness.

Let us nurture you with this beautiful face to face experience – intellectually, emotionally and physically. This experience is guaranteed to lift you, your team and your organisation to greatness


Mike Schneider

Managing Director -
Bunnings Group

About Mike

Mike has a genuine care for, and commitment to, the 48,000 people who work at Bunnings. Mike is very much a retailer at heart, having spent the vast majority of his career in this ever changing, dynamic industry.

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Graeme Cowan

Non Executive Director
- R U OK?

About Graeme

Having survived his own challenges with mental ill health, Graeme co-founded R U OK? Day over a decade ago. He is now a globally-acclaimed speaker, author and influencer on resilience in the workplace.

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Dr Nick Taylor

Founder and CEO -

About Nick

Nick realised that there was a clear gap in the market for a platform that would provide all organisations with the tools to support their workers. It was this belief in the importance of offering a proactive solution that led Nick to co-found Unmind.

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Adam Barringer

Partner of Risk
- Deloitte

About Adam

As a sufferer of anxiety himself, is passionate about the advancement of the Mental Health agenda within the Australian Corporate sector. Adam is proud to be a Board Member of the Waves for Wellness Foundation.

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Gill Coutts

Country Director
- Potential Project

About Gill

Country Director of the Potential Project and a globally-renowned Author on Mindfulness, People Centric Cultures and Truly Human Leadership. Gill also serves on a number of on-executive company directorships.

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Kim Hamrosi

Executive Director - City Corporate Mental Health Alliance

About Kim

With vast experience in both the healthcare and corporate spheres, Kim is currently advocating for the role that corporate Australia can play in supporting the mental wellbeing of all Australians.

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Paul Amiradaki

Director -
360 Strength + Performance

About Paul

Having battled chronic health conditions since he was 2 years old, Paul is the embodiment of the power of perseverance. Today, Paul is an Olympic lifter and Director at 360 Strength and Performance.

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Gina McNamara

Regional CFO, Asia Pacific & Japan - SAP Asia Pacific

About Gina

Gina is currently Regional CFO of SAP, one of the largest software companies in the world. She is passionate about making a genuine difference in SAP and the community, supporting people, purpose and diversity.

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Richard Keep

Director Assurance
- EY

About Richard

Having experienced the anguish of early pregnancy loss, Richard spent 2 years lobbying for policy change to support women going through this at EY. Richard is also a Board Member of the Pink Elephants Support Network.

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Janelle Delaney

Partner APAC Quality

About Janelle

Janelle talks openly about the impact menopause has had on her and how it has affected her own performance. She now shares her story globally at IBM, helping female colleagues navigate this stage of life and career.

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Vanessa Fudge

- Leading Well

About Vanessa

Vanessa helps leaders thrive through complexity by building healthy and high performing people systems. Her core focus includes transforming team dynamics, leadership coaching and organizational transformation.

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Greg Hawes

- GH Meditation

About Greg

Greg is our “Miracle Man” - Mentor, Mindfulness, Meditation and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator. Greg's company GH Meditation also delivers Mindfulness, Meditation, EQ Coaching & Retreats.

Connect with Greg on LinkedIn.

Louise Kelly

- Louise Kelly

About Louise

Lou is Founder of a Multi Faceted Yoga and Wellness Business. Lou is passionate about building an empowered community who have the health and wealth to not just survive, but to thrive and be free.

Connect with Louise on LinkedIn.

Leigh Dunlop

Chief Operating Officer
- Future Super

About Leigh

Leigh has played a big part in the team developing the ‘Bloody Good Policy’ at Future Super breaks down the stigma around menstruation and menopause, and provides paid leave for these female experiences.

Connect with Leigh on LinkedIn

Kay Clancy

Director & Principal
Kay Clancy Consulting

About Kay

Kay’s mission is to bring courage and energy to the workplace and help people be the best versions of themselves. Kay is a former finance industry executive with 30 years’ experience in senior roles.

Connect with Kay on LinkedIn.

Pat Grier

Former CEO
- Ramsay Health Care

About Pat

As CEO of Ramsay Health Care, Pat introduced ‘The Ramsay Way’ which is still embraced to this day and is the key to the success of this global Health Care giant - recognising its people as the most important asset.

Connect with Pat on LinkedIn

Alana Bennett

- Connected Experience

About Alana

Alana is one of the most passionate people we know and has always consciously chosen to work for organisations that have allowed her to bring her whole self to work. It’s this that sparked a deep passion for the ‘experience’ and the importance of getting it right.

Connect with Alana on LinkedIn

Cassie Goodman

- Thrive Global

About Cassie

A firm believer that when we find the courage to align with our true nature at work, we give others the permission to do the same. We also uplift innovation, collaboration, engagement, inclusion & wellbeing. Cassie is super passionate about encouraging people to love what they do and how they do it.

Connect with Cassie on LinkedIn

Melinda Upton

Former Partner
- DLA Piper

About Melinda

At DLA Piper Melinda led a team of 500 people over 25 countries. Having championed health and wellbeing in the organisation, she is now Chair of the Minds Count Foundation and Board Member of CMHAA.

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We invite you to join us for a truly unique experience that will:

Absorb the wisdom of the global experts and experience of the community to co-create a new future together
Empower meaningful connection and long-lasting relationships with incredible humans just like YOU
Break down commonly held beliefs rife in our society that are hindering progress in our workplaces
Allow you to be fully present in a stunning physical environment away from any distraction and busy-ness
Immerse you into a 360-degree wellbeing experience – move, think, conspire, laugh and celebrate together


09.00 – Arrive & Relax

09.30 – Serenity Welcome + Aboriginal Wellbeing Ceremony

10.00 – Overseas Inspiration

Global Thought Leaders zoomed into the room for an inspiring energiser.

10.30 – Stretch and Connection Break Outdoors

11.15 – Break The Belief: “Care and Emotions are ‘Girly’ and Have No Place in Business!

Three male senior executives share their personal experiences and views on how injecting ‘care’ into their leadership style and organisational culture leads to higher performing teams. Come ready with your own questions and wisdom to be part of the discussion!

12.00 – Interactive Interview : Languishing – The New Threat to High Performance

12.30 – Outdoor Lunch and Mindfulness/Brain Training

13.30 – Break the Belief: “We Have EAP, Mental Health Box Ticked!”

Three senior leaders and experts share their experiences and wisdom on the benefits of creating mentally healthy cultures that go beyond the tick box approach. Come ready with your own questions and wisdom to be part of the discussion!
14.15 – Interactive Interview : Who Is At Most Risk Of Burnout And How Do We Prevent It From Happening After The 2 Years We’ve Had?

14.45 – Afternoon Tea and Tai Chi

15.15 – Co-Creation Workshop: Mind Your Mind – Are Your Internal Thoughts Holding You Back As A Leader?

16.00 – Inspirational Keynote: Power and Perseverence

16.30 – Community Celebration Down By The Bay


0.830 – Views With A View: Discover Strengths As The Secret Sauce To progress

Join us for a stunning, leisurely walk around the Headland whilst you chat with your co-collaborators and share views on what strengths you and your organisation possess to lead through this next stage of progress.

09.30 – Co-Creation Workshop

Bring the views from your walk and add them to this melting pot of wisdom. We’ll leave this session having turned ideas into concrete ways to make impactful change in your company.

10.00 – Keynote Inspiration

10.30 – Stretch and Connection Break Outdoors

11.15 – Break The Belief: “Keep Your Womens’ Issues To Yourself, Please!”
There’s a movement starting to break the stigma on how female health – e.g. PMD, fertility, miscarriage and menopause – affects women’s ability to perform in the workplace.

Some companies are instituting paid leave for those experiencing these life events. Whilst others believe these policies may reinforce gender stereotypes that women are the ‘weaker’ sex. What do you think? Come ready with your own questions and wisdom to be part of the debate!

12.00 – Interactive Interview : Highlighting Social Impact and Purpose as Means of Building Energy and Attracting Top Talent

12.30 – Outdoor Lunch and Mindfulness/Brain Training

13.30 – Breaking the Belief: “Culture and Belonging Can Never Be As Strong Remotely!”
Three senior leaders share their wisdom on how to make flexible working truly work!! Come ready with your own questions and wisdom to be part of the debate!
14.15 – Interactive Interview : ‘I’m Doing It For Me!’ How to Build Wellbeing Literacy and Self-Efficacy In Individuals

14.45 – Afternoon Tea and Tai Chi

15.15 – Co-Creation Workshop: So, What Next?

Courageous leaders need audacious plans. Distill your musings into a concrete plan of action for 2022 and make change happen.
16.00 – Final Energiser + Cheerio for Now!

with immense gratitude to our partners

Imagine yourself spending two incredible days here…

Hidden away in 30-hectares of native Australian bushland lies a unique setting for your discovery and transformation journey!

With its own secluded beach, stunning views over the harbour, ocean breeze and natural light streaming in through the windows…we think we’ve found the ultimate space for this year’s Thriving Workplace event.

Whilst you’ll feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in reality you’re just a short ferry ride away from the CBD. Plus, it’s one of the only places in Sydney where you’ll find free parking!

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