“My grandmother used to say ‘an empty jug can’t pour’. In this busy world it is easy to forget that. The Surviving to Thriving experience provided the gift of time, discreet, guilt-free, pockets of time to top up my jug with moments of quiet, moments of learning and the opportunity to be present with warm and talented people happy to share their knowledge and experience. Claire and Sophie created an environment that made anything possible with their calm, effortless and caring facilitation. My jug runneth over”

Kay Clancy

DIRECTOR AND PRINCIPAL – Kay Clancy Consulting

“The design, format, content, speakers and co-creation work shops that were part of the Surviving to Thriving Experience were beautifully led, curated, allowing total flexibility for participants to determine their own learning pathway. Lots of space to share knowledge, ideas, experiences, reflections, have a few laughs and connect with a cross section of game changer and thought leaders. The mindfulness practice, yoga and stretching classes helped to create a real sense of community and acted as a platform for a more deep integrated and embodied style of learning. 11/10”

Leesa Tongoulidis

Associate Consultant – Rise Consulting Pty Ltd
“Having been part of the Thriving Workplace community from the early days, its has been an absolute pleasure to journey alongside Sophie and Claire and to meet so many wonderful people along the way. What I have learned and applied in my work and personal life has helped to carry me through some difficult times and also helped to engage and create a sense of belonging in those I interact with from day to day. I look forward to continuing this journey and sharing what I have learned to help others thrive in their own spaces

Ben Walhout

Director, Defence & Automotive – Segula Technologies

“Claire & Sophie have curated an inspirational, supportive community of like-minded folk with a passion for creating human-centric, thriving and inclusive workplaces. The program was a rich source of thought leadership, compelling insight, personal wellbeing and joy – I have loved every minute. I only wish I had become involved sooner!”

Claire Stewart

Principal – Inclusion Collective

“This was such a unique and wonderful way to really get to the heart of so many important topics within a safe space to have the courage to be vulnerable and support one another through life’s continuous trials and tribulations! “

Lilliana Kellett


“What a beautiful space you have created for new leadership to emerge, through inspiration, support and courage! Well done to you both and all the amazing participants, and looking forward to the next adventure with you!”

Eglantine Etiemble


“What a fabulous event – filled with love and laughter and a wonderful dose of honesty. What you are doing is so wonderful and clearly so needed. I was deeply touched and inspired by so much of what I heard.”

Kirsty Robertson


“WE LOVE BEING PART OF THE SURVIVING TO THRIVING PROGRAM! It was such a great experience doing it virtually and I just loved all the sessions where we were able to connect and have meaningful conversations with everyone. Thank you Sophie Hart, Claire Jones and the whole thriving community!”

Melanie vonHartitzsch

People Geek – Culture amp

“A wonderful experience and all panellists were awesome. The chat room was flowing with comments and reflections. There were so many useful perspectives and recommendations flying around. Congratulations to Sophie and Claire for a fantastic program!! Your passion and commitment to the work you both do is clear to everyone and you make a difference.”

Melinda Upton


“Thank you for today’s chat. Listening to such different perspectives always opens doors of understanding.”

Greg De Moore

Associate Professor of Psychiatry – Westmead Hospital

“The energy was so palpable! Thank you so much for including me – I’m so happy to have met new friends!! “

Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer – Vayner Media

““The community you have built is pretty amazing. It’s given me more motivation to keep connecting with spectacular people like you! Congratulations again on a wicked event””

Craig Hudson

Managing Director – XERO Aotearoa

“I cannot express my appreciation enough at your generosity and hospitality but most importantly your humility and intelligence and capacity to inspire. What you two have created in such a short period of time is phenomenal. Thank you so very very much. We will always be a part of The Serenity Collective.”

Violet Roumeliotis

CEO – SSI International

“I came away with an abundance of ideas on how I can impact my organisation in order to be well and thrive into the future. You have really started something and I encourage you to keep going with your mission. We all share the same desire to see our workplaces become places where people can be the best they can be. Many thanks again and well done.”

Renee Peterson

Executive General Manager, Operations – Care Connect

“This was by far the best event I have EVER been to. I have never met so many AMAZING people in one place at one time! Thank you for your vision. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of the event with you”

Sarah Ferraina

Head of Marketing & Communications – Beaumont People

“Claire Jones and Sophie Hart, founders of The Serenity Collective. Two exceptional human beings who are driving the changes we need to make in our professional and personal lives.”

Allan Sparkes


“What a fantastic event – thank you sincerely for the opportunity to attend and to be surrounded for two days amongst some of the most inspiring leaders. I had an amazing time, thoroughly enjoyed the line up of speakers and selected topics and also the absolutely delicious food”

Jennifer Hogarth

National General Manager – Prima Healthcare

“It was really a conference like no other – the speakers were incredible and I walked away so inspired by the very personal stories they chose to share with us. I’m so grateful to have had this experience…what you’ve put together is really amazing!”

Anna van Oosterom

Principal Consultant, Wellbeing & Engagement – Virgin Australia

“It was — to say the least — a transformative experience…I honestly can’t think of a better landing place than with you all and the beautiful community you’ve created. I was humbled and supported and learned loads. What a phenomenal group of souls. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Katelin Holloway

VP People & Culture – Reddit

“What a fabulous event – filled with love and laughter and a wonderful dose of honesty. What you are doing is so wonderful and clearly so needed. I was deeply touched and inspired by so much of what I heard.”

Kirsty Robertson


“I’m sad the experience has come to an end – it was amazing!!! You created some seriously amazing sessions – I really enjoyed it all … Well done to you and Sophie – it was amazing online experience!”

Mel Buckingham

Employee Experience Leader – Australian Unity

“Thank you once again for curating and connecting us with a great collection of topics, speakers and resources. Plus it’s been a lovely opportunity to connect with new people and also a couple of colleagues I’ve worked with previously.”

Elissa Trafford

Head of Culture, Inclusion & Wellbeing – SSI International

“It’s such a privilege being involved. I loved today – perhaps one of the best conversations yet.”

Andi Csontos

EHS Partner – EY

“Thank you for spreading love and optimism in the most pragmatic ways!”

Chin Yin Ong

Chief People Officer – Grab

“I recently enjoyed immersing myself in the Surviving to Thriving experience provided by The Serenity Collective. This exceptional experience offered the opportunity to rest and refocus regularly over the two months of the experience. Although the Coronacoaster brought it’s own brand of crazy, the opportunity to pause, reflect and share with truly exceptional individuals brought value far beyond just navigating COVID. I have taken away many insights and skills to adapt into my thinking and our operating rhythm to truly change the way we all work for the better.”

Adam Jadresic

Group Head of HSE – Real Pet Food Company

“The virtual program was a great mix of interesting speakers, self-paced content and supported conversations. What I liked most was being able to choose my own adventure and dip in and out of the topics that were of most interest and also most relevant at the time, I also loved having the ability to jump back into the resources and watch or re-watch sessions.

What strikes me most about the Serenity Collective is the breadth of speakers, with genuinely interesting ideas and experiences who are willing to share so openly and with whom I’ve been able to make some great connections. Sophie and Claire do a wonderful job making the experience meaningful and personal.”

Jac Peters

Head of Leadership & Engagement – Coca Cola Amatil

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