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why does it matter?


When they’re thriving, your business – your competitive advantage, customer experience, impact and profits – will thrive too.

But chances are, many of your people right now are far from thriving.


of Australian employees suffered from burnout in 2020” (Australia’s Health, 2020)

7 out of 10

employees say that they are struggling. 4 out of 5 are either not engaged, or are actively disengaged at work.” (Gallup, 2021)

$543 million

was paid out in workers comp for work related mental health conditions in 2020 (Safe Work Australia)

The opportunity for us as leaders and employers is massive:

“High belonging is linked to a whopping 56% increase in job performance, a 50% drop in turnover risk, and a 75% reduction in sick days”

(Harvard, 2019)

“Companies that create a culture of wellbeing are: 2.2 times more likely to surpass financial targets; 5.4 times more likely to recruit new talent; 3.2 times more likely to engage and retain talent…10 times more likely to have lower absence”

(Bersin, 2021)

Most Culture and Wellbeing Programs are Missing the Mark

“We run lots of great sessions. But hardly anyone turns up!”

“Our people know what they should be doing, but they’re still not doing it!”

“We start off well, but lose momentum so quickly once the initiative is over”



These programs are perfect for Executive Teams wanting to create the right environment for their people to perform at their best OR entire teams or workforces, empowering each individual to be happy, healthy and high performing. You choose!

a recent case study

We were engaged to reinvigorate the Management Team from a geographically-dispersed service organisation.

After our thorough engagement and exploration, we created a vision for their team to thrive through Connection, Sharing, Communication, Positivity and Energy. At the completion of an 8-week action learning experience:

100% of participants agreed the program empowered more sharing between teams

92% felt more connected to their colleagues

85% said communication had improved

83% felt more energetic

69% had a clearer vision of the future and felt more positive

Here’s what the project sponsor had to say:

“To partner with Sophie and Claire from The Serenity Collective has been an incredible experience for our organisation.

During this challenging time, when it has never been more important to check in on our people about their needs and their wellbeing, they approached our brief with creativity, care, authenticity and realness.

Their delivery was exceptional and their follow up continues to positively challenge our thoughts and ongoing strategy in the People space. They have helped us better understand and listen to our people about what they believe would help bring a Thriving RehabCo Vision to life.”

Olivia Millgate

Capability Manager, RehabCo.

why you’ll love it


Our experiences are designed to take everyone along the same journey. It’s more vital than ever before that our people connect, collaborate and grow together.


Each topic can be explored through expert advice, experiences, discussion, mindfulness, movement, action planning and more. It’s a whole-of-person of approach that promises to create lasting change.


We have strong relationships with the most impactful thought leaders and practitioners from around the globe to bring into your experience.


Takes action straight away on your people’s needs. Reinforces your care and investment in them as humans.


This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We take the time and energy to identify what it is your people need. And design an experience that’s as unique as they are.

“A wonderful experience and all panellists were awesome. The chat room was flowing with comments and reflections. There were so many useful perspectives and recommendations flying around. Congratulations to Sophie and Claire for a fantastic program!! Your passion and commitment to the work you both do is clear to everyone and you make a difference.”

Melinda Upton

Global Co-Chair, Intellectual Property & Technology – DLA Piper
“What a fabulous event – filled with love and laughter and a wonderful dose of honesty. What you are doing is so wonderful and clearly so needed. I was deeply touched and inspired by so much of what I heard.”

Kirsty Robertson

Chief Executive Officer – Caritas Australia
“This was such a unique and wonderful way to really get to the heart of so many important topics within a safe space. To have the courage to be vulnerable and support one another through life’s continuous trials and tribulations! Thank you, Sophie Hart and Claire Jones for being a guiding light to make this happen!”

Lilliana Kellett

Senior Sales Executive – Culture Amp

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