Starting 22 July 2021

Moment of Mindfulness – with Greg Hawes

Thursday 22nd July / 12.30-1.00pm

Celebrate all in your world that is important to you – the things that bring you joy, security, satisfaction. Explore what it truly means to be a successful, thriving leader.

Expert Experience Exchange

Thursday 29th July / 12.30-1.30pm

Be inspired by our CEO storytellers who will share their own experiences experimenting with boundaries between work and home life – both for themselves and for their people.

We’ll explore: 

  • Start with why – the factors creating our ‘always on’ culture and its impact on us and our people
  • How to juggle time for work, home, parenting and play – what works and what doesn’t?
  • How do we create a culture in our team or workplace where boundaries are respected?

Sergeant Wayne Gatt

CEO of The Police Association of Victoria and architect of the nation-leading ‘Right to Disconnect’ enterprise agreement

Kristy Robertson

CEO of Caritas Australia, passionate proponent for values-driven leadership

Gillian Coutts

Country Director of Potential Project and author creating a more human world of work

Movement and Mindset – with Louise Kelly

Thursday 5th August / 12.30-1.00pm

Appreciate your many ‘hats’ and your place in this world. Explore quick, simple techniques that will help you focus on what’s in front of you

Co-Creation Huddles

Thursday 12th August / 12.30-1.30pm

Come together with the tribe to talk about YOU:

  • Check in – how has your new self-care habit worked for you? Will you keep it up, or try new?
  • Sharing with the tribe tips for creating and respecting work life boundaries
  • What new habit will you give a go?
  • What steps can you try to build a culture of respecting boundaries in your team?


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