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Week 8: Hope

Brought to you by Converge International.

Mindfulness Monday

Monday 15th February 2021, 07.00 – 07.15

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Experience Exchange

Tuesday 16th February 2021, 10.00 – 11.00

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Led by the incredible experts at Converge International – and incorporating the experiences of the ever-inspiring Fiona Andrews from Australia Post – we’ll explore how to instil a sense of hope into our people for the future. And equally as important – how to go through our OWN year with hope and positivity.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Wednesday 17th February 2021, 07.00 – 07.30

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Co-Creation Huddles

Friday 19th February 2021, 13.00 -14.00

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Welcome to the Surving to Thriving Journey of Transformation!

Creating an online safe space like this has been a dream of ours for some time. A place where we can support our most courageous leaders anytime, anywhere.

And here we are NOW with incredible YOU!! We feel incredibly privileged and immensely grateful to share this space with you.

This is a place where you can plan your schedule and see what’s up next. Catch up on sessions you’ve missed. Revisit mindfulness and movement practices again and again.

The journey starts here…

Claire & Sophie

Storyteller Spotlight

Dan is a celebrated entrepreneur who made headlines around the world when he announced a minimum wage of USD$70,000 (AU $100,000) for his entire company whilst reducing his own from $1.1million to $70,000. Dan wants leaders to recognise that business should be about purpose, service, and making a difference. He believes it’s not about doing business as usual anymore, but doing business better.

“Ask for help when you need it. Acknowledge when you don’t have all the answers. Share your successes and failures. Be open. Be vulnerable. The more humanity you show to your people, the more they will respect and open up to you. The more you can connect in this way, the stronger you will be.”

Read more about down on inc.com, The Guardian and the BBC.

Join Dan in Week 3 – Tuesday, 3rd December 2020 at 10.00am

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