A Guest Post by Mikey Ellis – Head of Culture, Vinomofo

Just start.


It’ll never be perfect, the plan or strategy will never be complete. There is never the perfect time and you’ll never be ready. But you are ready enough, and you must start.

The overwhelm and the pressure from procrastination will be relieved when you start. And then it will build again, and so you keep starting. Every decision to keep going is a decision to start.

It doesn’t matter where you finish, how you finish or even that you finish. It only matters that you start.

It takes courage to start, and no matter how small the step it’s a declaration that this thing is important to you. You might fail, it might not work, you might lose what you think you were working towards. But you will win in ways that are immeasurable until you start — you’ll learn something, you’ll be a better person for the experience and you will have done something that matters.

Getting something ‘done’ or complete can only happen after you start an continuing to start again, day after day, over and over again.

So, that thing you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t felt quite ready? Now is the time to just start.

This post is #16 out of 42 lessons that Mikey is currently sharing from his 42 years of life. It’s a project with an intention to start interesting and important conversations. You can read the other 41 lessons and be part of the conversations HERE

Michael Ellis is a culture guru, human-centric leader and a true custodian of The Thriving Workplace Movement. You can meet Mikey at The Thriving Workplace Event in just 2 weeks’ time!

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