When Claire and I started The Thriving Workplace movement, we asked ourselves this very question!

Instead of searching the internet for the ‘answers’ or trawling through leadership and organisational theory, we decided to ask those who live and breathe people leadership every single day: They are the CEOs, the HR Directors, the Customer Service Managers, People & Culture Managers, Area Managers and a diverse range of other Leaders from Australia’s corporate, NFP and government sectors.

We brought 40 of these leaders – from all different companies, industries and backgrounds – together for a morning of in-depth brainstorming at our Voice of the Collective sessions. Their task? to pick apart what the ingredients for a thriving team or workplace.

Here’s what they came up with!

You can download the full research report HERE to see who was involved and the inspiring in-depth detail of what was talked about.

What do you think? Do you believe that great leadership is the number one ingredient for a thriving team or workplace? What ingredients are missing? How would you rank them?

A huge thanks to Christopher Paterson for facilitating these Voice of the Collective sessions and to Greg Hawes for helping everyone become centred and focused for an awesome discussion!

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