What’s the day-to-day experience like for the people in your team and in your organisation?

Is the experience intentional and strategic, or an extension of your personality and leadership style? Have you ever sat down with your people to discover what they really want? Or is the experience based on what you THINK they want?

This week, we were fortunate enough to sit down with the incredible Peter T – a passionate people leader and an absolute expert designer of human experiences.

Watch this 3 minute video with Peter to discover:

  • Why you should never assume you know what your people want!
  • What is Human Centred Design Technique?
  • Where you should start!

At The Thriving Workplace Event in August, you’ll have the chance to start designing a new age experience for the people in your team and organisation whilst you’re with us! Peter will get you hands on with Human-Centred Design Tools that you can take back with you and continue to co-create with you people when you get back to the office.


We can’t wait to experience this unique and super special experience with you.

With much gratitude always,

Claire and Sophie

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