2-3 August 2018

Q Station, Manly, NSW

A brave community for Australia’s most progressive Executives and Leaders dedicated to building high energy, high performing cultures where individuals, teams and business will thrive.

What Is The Thriving Workplace?

It’s a radical new movement built on a very simple belief – that behind every thriving business is a group of thriving human beings.

If you want your team or organisation to grow and succeed, you’ll need high-energy individuals and a strong culture to connect them all! It may be a simple concept, but workplaces globally are struggling to reach their full potential. Only 13% of employees are typically engaged in their work and Australian businesses are losing $33 billion annually in lost productivity from absenteeism.

It’s every leader’s responsibility to help combat this trend. At The Thriving Workplace 2018 event, your peers will show you how. Whether you are an individual looking to increase your own vitality and performance at work, or an executive responsible for thousands of employees, we invite you to join us and make a positive influence in your own world and beyond!


The Thriving Workplace Manifesto is a written representation of our community,  providing this important movement with purpose, knowledge and direction.

The Manifesto is the product of a whole year of consultation with our Voice of the Collective – a dedicated group of awesome leaders from over 50 public and private organisations here in Australia.

Representitives from every level and corner of organisations have been involved – including Sales, Finance, Operations, HR and Marketing – because EVERYBODY, regardless of title or position, has a huge part to play in building thriving workplaces!

Download the Manifesto below to gain an unique insight into what your peers think about these important questions:

* What does a thriving team or workplace look like? *

* What are the key ingredients to thrive? *

* What are the realities that we are facing that may be preventing us from thriving already? *


CEO, Settlement Services International & Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2017

"A New Era of Leadership: Putting the Heart Back into Business"

Deputy Commissioner, Mental Health Commission of NSW

"Risky Business"

Group Financial Controller, Metcash

"How Executives Can Re-Engineer Their Workday & Create Time for Life!"

Founder & Managing Director, Perpetual Guardian (NZ)

"The Four-Day Work Week Trial: A Bottom-Up Approach to Improving Productivity"

Global Learning Lead, Airbnb (Ireland)

"Amplify - How Airbnb is Building Bold and Compassionate Leaders"

General Manager, Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Coles

"Shifting the Perspective of a Mentally-Healthy Workplace: Strategies for Teams & Individuals"

Executive Director, Human Resources, Holden

"Change Your Mindset & Set Boundaries to Help You & Your Team Thrive"

General Manager, RSL NSW and RSL DefenceCare

"Trust: The Essential Foundation for Creating a High-Performing Team"

Performance Consultant & Coach, Planet K2 (UK)

"Readiness to Thrive – Learn from Olympians!"

Chief Customer Officer,
Sumo Salad

"How Every Leader Can Energise Culture Through Times of Change"

Head of Customer Assist, NAB

"Taking Ownership to Cultivate Wellbeing in Your Team"

Business Development Manager, Fitbit Health Solutions

"The Evolution of Wellness Technology Leading to a New Era in Corporate Wellness"

Head of Talent, oOh!

"Harnessing Technology to Humanise Employee Experience!"

Chief Medical Officer,
Monash University

"Starting Small: Scaling Your Low-Cost Wellbeing Initiative into the Worlds Healthiest Workplace!"

CEO, Intégro Learning Company

"Trust: The Essential Foundation for Creating a High-Performing Team"

CEO, Converge International

"Building a Psychologically Safe Culture That Will Improve Performance, Creativity & Decision-Making!"

IT Superintendent,
Tomago Aluminium

"How Your Initiatives Help People Thrive Through Adversity"

HR Director and Health, Safety & Environment Manager, Fairfax Media

"Equipping Leaders to Build Team Resilience Through Rapid Change"

Organisational Development Director, Financial Services

"How To Design Systems that Ensure Leaders Act Collectively"

People Geek, Culture Amp

"Transforming Culture Through Employee Feedback"

National EAP Manager,
Australia Post

"Building a Psychologically Safe Culture That Will Improve Performance, Creativity & Decision-Making!"

EGM People and Sustainability,
Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety

"Transforming Culture Through Employee Feedback"


DAY 1: 2 August 2018

08.15 - Arrive & Settle In

08.45 - Welcome!

09.00 - International Keynote

Barry Murphy – Global Learning Lead – Airbnb (Ireland)

Amplify - How Airbnb is Building Bold and Compassionate Leaders to Enable Individuals and Teams to Deliver their Best Work

Whilst Airbnb’s hyper growth has propelled them to world fame and a market valuation of $30 billion, with such high change and increased complexity, there are always unintended consequences. Hyper-growth brings great opportunity but moving fast meant Airbnb’s people leaders were in need of more support. Like many organisations, people had been promoted into leadership roles without an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to be a leader. Airbnb’s leaders and their teams were overwhelmed…and they were burning out.

With a strong understanding that people leave managers not organisations – and a desire to help people be the best they can be – Barry and team created a set of experiences to help managers to help their teams. Based on the concepts of reflection, social learning and habit forming, the Amplify program was introduced to equip leaders in 6 key behaviours – belonging, growth, clarity, accountability, empowerment and sustainability. 750+ leaders across 32 global offices are now involved in the program with 98% of participants saying they would recommend it to a colleague.

What You’ll Take Away from This Session:

1. 6 key behaviours that all leaders need enable individuals and teams to deliver their best work

2. The importance of empowering leaders – their role in the organisation and ability to Amplify

3. A blueprint of how to develop an immersive leadership development program that centres on what true habit formation looks like and creates opportunities for self-organised learning

09.45 - Keynote

Genevieve Hawkins – General Manager, Health, Safety and Wellbeing – Coles

Shifting the Perspective of a Mentally-Healthy Workplace: Strategies for Teams & Individuals

When Genevieve was tasked with looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of 108,000 people at Coles, she knew mental health needed to be on the agenda. Personally passionate about reversing the trend of mental illness in Australia, she believes mental health issues are one of the biggest tsunamis faced by society today. The first step according to Genevieve is in seeing mental health not as what we traditional think of as mental illness, but something that’s imperative for everybody!

Coles’ 3-year journey to improve mental health has been an incredible learning experience. Their ‘5 pillars to create a mentally-healthy me’ tutorial has been watched by over 12,000 team members to date, and Genevieve and her team have now moved to phase two – redesigning teams for optimum mental health!

What You’ll Take Away From This Session:

1. Put on your own oxygen mask first: 5 pillars for leaders to take care of their own mental health

2. How every leader can have a major effect on the mental fitness of their team through an iterative process of team redesign

3. How to get peers, team members and the organisation at large to pay attention to mental health!

10.15 - Refresh, Revive & Get Moving!

10.45 - Keynote

Andrew Barnes – Founder & Managing Director – Perpetual Guardian (NZ)

The Four-Day Work Week Trial: A Bottom-Up Approach to Improving Productivity

Andrew has held senior leadership roles in financial institutions for over 30 years and is currently the Managing Director of New Zealand’s largest trustee company, employing over 200 people. Perpetual Guardian recently shot to fame on an international scale after Andrew announced the company would be trialling a 4-day working week, whilst still paying employees for the full 5 days.

Andrew made this unique decision after discovering shocking research that showed employees globally spend only a couple of hours each day engaged in productive work. Andrew believes that in freeing up time for his employees to be better mothers, fathers, friends and individuals, he’ll have a more engaged and energised workforce.

What You’ll Take Away From This Session:

1. The findings from Perpetual Guardian’s trial of a 4-day working week: What happened to engagement and productivity levels?

2. Why the need to reorganise workplaces? The game-changing research showing how unproductive most people are at work, plus Andrew’s ideas for rethinking the way we run businesses

3. How to open up honest dialogue between employer and employee, helping people to be their best

11.15 - Fireside Chat

Melanie vonHartitzsch – People Geek – Culture Amp

Meredith Wilson – EGM People and Sustainability – Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety

Transforming Culture Through Employee Feedback

Synopsis coming soon

12.00 Refuel & Reconnect

12.35-12.55 – Guided Meditation (optional)

Location: Inspiration Space

13.00 Discovery & Transformation

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Three power-packed presentations followed by an interactive discussion on how the smallest initiatives can lead to the most impressive outcomes! Featuring presentations:

Dr Vicki Ashton – Chief Medical Officer – Monash University
Anne Ohlmus – Wellbeing & Sustainability Engagement Manager – Monash University

Starting Small: Scaling Your Low-Cost Wellbeing Initiative into the Worlds Healthiest Workplace!

In 2005, Monash University took the first step in their journey to a healthier workplace with a few people walking around the campus with an apple and a water bottle in hand. Whilst Higher Education is an industry where it’s notoriously difficult to obtain funding, after over a decade of slowly building the program, Monash now boasts an extensive workplace wellbeing program that is focused on equipping, facilitating and supporting employees to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing for the long term.

In 2016, this program saw Monash University recognised as The World’s Healthiest Workplace! By starting small, gaining recognition and building momentum as they went, Vicki Ashton believe they’ve created a sustainable wellbeing program that will far outlive leadership changes.

What you’ll take away from this session:

1. How to get a wellbeing project up and running with very little (or no) budget!

2. Why it’s better to start small and use measurements and successes for build engagement as you go

3. Learn from over a decades-worth of wellbeing initiatives – what works when and why

Alana Bennett – Head of Talent – oOh!

Harnessing Technology to Humanise Employee Experience!

Alana is a highly-creative innovative thinker, currently the Head of Talent at oOh!Media. During her time at the company, she has completely re-engineered the experience that new hires and prospective talent has with the oOh! brand and hiring managers.

Leveraging technology to automate time consuming processes like new starter provisioning, parental leave and exit paperwork, Alana has freed up the time for managers to really get to know their people as individual humans with different needs and preferences. This embodies the essence of the oOh! culture, which is to create an environment for people to be their best selves. Leaders at oOh! are empowered to create ‘moments of joy’ for their people, all of which has resulted in an astounding eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) of 93/100 for new hires!

What will you take away from this session?

1. Designing your people experience for small and large organisations alike – gathering data, journey-mapping and picking the right moments of joy

2. There’s no such thing as over-communication! How you can leverage technology on a small budget to help you communicate with your people better.

3. Get to know your people, as people! Using onboarding to understand what makes them tick – and action on it!

Allison Rothmund – Head of Customer Assist – NAB

Taking Ownership to Cultivate Wellbeing in Your Team

Allison is a part of the Leadership team that overhauled the NAB Collections department, now called NAB Assist. They wanted to learn how to help their customers experiencing financial hardship faster and more effectively. The results have helped customers get out of financial hardship and created significant cost savings for NAB. This win-win outcome saw NAB Assist recognised by Fortune magazine and included in their ‘50 Companies Changing the World’ list, the first Australian company on the that list.

The demands of this work are high. Speaking to customers experiencing tough times day in, day out can take its toll on the team. Removing call centre scripts and taking the customer conversations to the next level required a lot from the advisors. Allison saw a huge opportunity to improve the team’s resilience, engagement and in turn employee experience, and so stepped up and pitched the Wellbeing @ NAB assist strategy to her General Manager. NAB Assist are now the pilot for the NAB Group Wellbeing Framework.

What will you take away from this session?

1. Your future leadership is up to YOU! What Allison has learnt about being an authentic and vulnerable leader, taking ownership of your own career path and working on the things that align to your values

2. How EVERY leader has the ability to influence change – but be aware of your circle of influence and what you can and can’t control to avoid fatigue and burn-out

3. Lessons from NAB’s pilot wellbeing program ‘Wellbeing @ NAB Assist’ – including measuring baseline wellbeing, and outcomes from their initiatives so far

14.30 - Thought Leadership in Practice

Robyn Collins – General Manager – RSL NSW and RSL DefenceCare

Keith Ayers – CEO – Intégro Learning Company

Trust: The Essential Foundation for Creating a High-Performing Team

In his best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni identifies the first dysfunction as an absence of trust. This lack of trust creates a domino effect, leading to a fear of conflict, a lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results.

In this presentation, Keith Ayers, CEO of Intégro Learning Company, and Robyn Collins, General Manager of RSL NSW and RSL DefenceCare will show how a positive approach to Lencioni’s model can build cohesive, high performing teams. When a team has a high level of trust, they engage in productive, healthy conflict. Team members commit to decisions and actions, willingly hold each other accountable and focus on achieving collective results.

As a result, the team:

• Makes better, faster decisions
• Taps into the skills and opinions of all members
• Avoids wasting time and energy on politics, confusion, and destructive conflict
• Creates a competitive advantage for your team and business
• Has more meaningful conversations about how they work together on a day-to-day basis
• Is more fun to be on!

It all starts with trust. Yet many teams fail to get started on being cohesive because they do not know how to build trust. The challenge is that being trustworthy does not build trust, it is behaviours that builds trust. Robyn and Keith will share with you how RSL NSW and RSL Defence Care are using the Intégro Trust Model and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team to rebuild trust-especially after it has been broken.

15.15 Refresh, Revive & Get Moving!

15.25-15.40 – Wayapa (optional)

Location: Connection Hub Lawn

15.45 - Keynote

Rowena Hubble – Group Financial Controller – Metcash

How Executives Can Re-Engineer Their Workday & Create Time for Life!

Rowena Hubble is a hands-on mother of two, a wife, a friend, an active local community member, and Head of Finance Transformation at ASX-200 company, Metcash. Following the birth of her two children (now teenagers), Rowena was determined not to have to choose between a successful career and success in everything else in life. Through more effective management of her time and energy, she was able to manage the game of life and work.

Based on her own success in re-engineering her workday to create time for life, and researching the best ways to manage time from around the world, last year Rowena self-published a book to share her insights (writing the book whilst working full-time is testament that she clearly does manage her day well).

What You’ll Take Away from This Session:

1. How your current lifestyle choices are impacting your life. Use your personal goals and values to focus on what matters most to YOU

2. Key insights and ‘aha’ moments from Rowena’s interviews with other top executives

3. Practical tools and techniques based on research dedicated to prioritising, focusing, motivation, multitasking, managing emails and embracing “good” stress

16.15 - Keynote

Violet Roumeliotis – CEO – Settlement Services International & Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2017

A New Era of Leadership: Putting the Heart Back into Business

Violet is the 2017 National Telstra Business Woman of the Year and CEO of community NFP organisation Settlement Services International. In the past 5 years as CEO, Violet has overseen the evolution and diversification of SSI that has led to more than 1,100 per cent revenue growth to $113 million and from a staff of less than 70 to over 600. Violet puts this success down to collaboration, a culturally-diverse and passionate team, putting people first, and a strong focus on values over financial outcomes.

Violet has a refreshingly authentic leadership style – built on courage, openness, humility, optimism and resilience. Her upbringing as part of a migrant family taught her that every person should have the right to live to their full potential. She has always had a great aspiration for a better world, a better sector and a better community.

What You’ll Take Away From This Session:

1. How leaders can nurture themselves and succeed with authenticity, humility, curiosity, courage and resilience at the core

2. The keys to a high-performing team culture – diversity, values and a focus on people over profits

3. Growing business through collaboration, not competition

16.45 Reflection for the Day

Led by Vanessa Fudge – Founder & Systemic Leadership Coach – LeadingWell

17.00 Community Celebration, sponsored by Benestar

18.00 See You Tomorrow

DAY 2: 3 August 2018

06.30 - 07.15 - Sunrise Headland Walk

Meet at: Q Station Reception

07.45 - Espresso Coffee & Fresh Juice

08.15 - Welcome!

08.20-08.30 – Wayapa

Location: Inspiration Space

08.30 - Keynote

Ashley Winnett – Executive Director, Human Resources – Holden

Change Your Mindset & Set Boundaries to Help You & Your Team Thrive

Ashley started out his career as a lawyer, and like most lawyers, his dream was to achieve the elusive Partner status in a top law firm. After years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, he reached what he thought was the pinnacle of his career only to discover that his definition of success had been wrong all along. Not only was he unhappy himself, but in striving to achieve the status he so desired, Ashley’s health and relationships had suffered immensely. That’s when he sought to redefine what success looks like and build a more meaningful life for himself.

Today, Ashley is happier and healthier than he ever has been. He has better relationships, is more productive and this results in better business outcomes for Holden in his current role as Executive Director of HR. The passion and purpose he now brings to every aspect of his life has led to a culture of caring and inclusion at Holden Australia with the wellbeing of its employees a major priority.

What you’ll take away from this session:

1. A definition of what success looks like for YOU! How to ensure you’re consistently fighting for the right things and identify any perceptions that might be holding you back

2. How to create and maintain boundaries at work. Getting others to not only respect them but also enable them!

3. The importance of every leader investing in good nutrition, fitness and sleep. How you can integrate this into your own life and help others in your team or organisation.

09.00 - Thought Leadership in Practice

Dr Jenny George – CEO – Converge International

Fiona Andrew – National EAP Manager – Australia Post

Building a Psychologically Safe Culture That Will Improve Performance, Creativity & Decision-Making!

The concept of psychological safety is often used for managing mental health in the workplace, but did you know it’s also an essential ingredient for any thriving team or workplace culture? An organisation lacking psychological safety may display conflict, low trust and a lot of energy expended by individuals ‘defending’ themselves from the workplace environment. The result can be a team that is unproductive, exhausted and lacking in creativity and decision-making capability!

As a contrast to this, a psychologically-safe culture has the ability to improve performance, boost creativity and allow for more sound decision making.

What you will take away from this session:

1. How to find out if your culture is ‘psychologically safe’ – defining your culture and measuring what’s really going on!

2. Understanding the drivers for psychological safety and how to leverage the levers

3. Ways to address a psychologically ‘unsafe’ culture – structures and dealing with in individuals in conflict situations

09.45 – Refresh, Revive & Get Moving!

09.55-10.10 – Wayapa (optional)

Location: Connection Hub Lawn

10.15 - Discovery & Transformation

Turning Challenge into Opportunity

Three power-packed presentations followed by an interactive discussion on how individuals, teams and organisations can thrive through crisis and change! Featuring presentations:

Anthony Payne – HR Director and Health, Safety & Environment Manager – Fairfax Media

Equipping Leaders to Build Team Resilience Through Rapid Change

Anthony has worked in Fairfax Media for 31 years, originally as a plant electrician and today as HR Director and Health, Safety & Environment Manager. During Anthony’s time at Fairfax he has seen significant change, firstly from technology that changed the way newspapers were produced and printed through to the emergence of the internet and the digital age. The last 10 years in particular has disrupted the traditional print media model and has challenged not only Fairfax but media companies across the globe. 24-hour news cycles have been replaced with instant news, images and video. This rapid change has led to a significant adjustment in the way Fairfax operates and subsequently led to significant impacts on workforce and employee numbers.

As part of this change, Fairfax increased its focus on the health, wellbeing and safety of its employees. One of the results of this focus has been a significant reduction in the number of lost time injuries across the organisation which has led to a massive reduction in workers compensation premiums in excess of 10 million dollars pa compared to 7 years prior. All this has been achieved through a process of educating line managers on the importance of caring and supporting for their people – as well as giving them financial accountability and increased visibility for their team’s claims. In addition, Fairfax has and continues to adopt flexible work practices across many of its sites and is focused on expanding this program.

What You’ll Take Away from This Session:

1. Educating leaders and line managers to build resilience in their teams through the concepts of care, support, involvement, early intervention and prevention

2. Giving financial accountability, increased visibility and streamlined process for line managers to take care of their people’s welfare

3. Fairfax’s journey to a fully flexible workplace, and how more hands-on business units can also embrace the concepts of flexible working.

Lawrence Mitchell – Chief Customer Officer – Sumo Salad

How Every Leader Can Energise Culture Through Times of Change

Currently the Chief Customer Officer of Sumo Salad and founder of Get Raw Energy, Lawrence has held numerous CMO and CCO roles across the UK, US and Australia. Whilst never directly responsible for employee wellbeing in his roles, Lawrence’s passion for his own personal health inspired him to build a corporate wellbeing program from scratch at his previous employer RELX. After great success, the program was rolled out globally and later awarded ‘Best Health & Wellbeing Initiative’ at the prestigious CIPD awards in the UK.

Lawrence has continued this dedication to building thriving workplaces at Sumo Salad and other brands – most recently heading up a culture and customer-experience based initiative to evolve and define the company’s purpose, mission and values to create a firm foundation for business transformation and growth.

What you will take away from this session:

1. Insight into how any leader, regardless of their position, can start a wellbeing program in their company – where to start, how to gain support, finding the ‘hook’, dealing with the cynics, measuring success

2. A highly successful marketing-based approach to wellbeing / culture programs that ‘borrows’ concepts from product innovation

3. How to drive the program forward, maintain investment and embed it into the organisation so that it doesn’t fizzle out when you leave!

Lesley Anne Clifton – IT Superintendent – Tomago Aluminium

How Your Initiatives Help People Thrive Through Adversity

Lesley Anne Clifton is the IT Superintendent at Tomago Aluminium, one of Australasia’s largest aluminium smelters employing over 1000 people. When a new CEO took the reins 5 years ago, he initiated a massive program of cultural transformation promoting positivity and openness through a myriad of programs and initiatives.

In 2015 Lesley Anne was project managing a massive ERP upgrade when the unimaginable happened – one of her sons was diagnosed with cancer. Her son lived 180km away and whilst the initial prognosis was for a full recovery, as a mum she wanted to support him and when 4 months into treatment he had a relapse when the cancer started to spread rapidly, she decided she needed to be at his side whilst he underwent his lengthy treatment.

Lesley Anne’s initial reaction was to hand over the reins of the ERP upgrade, however her managers and the organisation as a whole, made it possible for Lesley Anne to be there for her son every step of the way, whilst still delivering the project on time and under budget. Lesley Anne firmly believes that without the cultural transformation and focus on wellbeing at Tomago, this would never have been possible!

What you’ll take away from this session:

1. A real-life insight into how managers and organisations can help people thrive through their darkest hours. Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference!

2. The impact that workplace initiatives in culture, leadership, health and flexibility can have on people in your team and your business.

3. What do you want and what will work for you? How honesty and openness at all levels builds better relationships.

11.45 - Keynote

Anne DasGupta – Organisational Development Director, Financial Services

Shifting Organisational Cultures at a Collective Level

Anne is a commercially astute leader and a systems thinker.

She has shaped cultures in ASX listed organisations and major growth brands with high performing teams, prolific communications and robust transformation programs that bring faster revenue growth.

Anne believes that while leadership is the biggest lever to shift culture, many organisations put all their eggs in one basket by focusing only on expensive individual leadership development programs rather than the more commercially viable and sustainable option of harnessing the power of the collective.

Listen to this case study that on how an iconic Australian financial services organisation used data to gather insights about its current culture as well as harnessed its organisational levers to start shifting its culture into the future state.

What You’ll Take Away From This Session:

1. Understanding the difference between culture, engagement and experience

2. Identifying what is the best culture for your organisation when there are countless options. Plus a technique to measure culture which you can credibly take to your C Suite

3. How to design systems that ensures leaders act collectively

12.15 - Refuel & Reconnect

12.45-1.10 – Guided Meditation (optional)

Location: Inspiration Space

13.15 - Thought Leadership in Practice

Andrew Eagling – Business Development Manager – Fitbit Health Solutions

Heba Shaheed – Founder – The Pelvic Expert

Wellness Technology Meets Diversity for a New Era in Workplace Wellness

Synopsis coming soon

14.00 - Keynote

Allan Sparkes CV, OAM, VA – Deputy Commissioner – Mental Health Commission of NSW

Risky Business

Allan Sparkes knows a little bit about risk. Not only is he the only Australian ever to receive Australia’s highest bravery decoration and a subsequent National bravery decoration, he also knows only too well the physiological risks we all face in today’s highly demanding world.

With 20 years under his belt as a frontline police officer, Allan was enjoying life – a great family, sense of purpose and played lots of sports – however he was eventually diagnosed with PTSD. His road to recovery has been both enlightening and empowering.
Today, Allan will help you minimise the risks we all face by capitalising on his unique lived experiences.

What you’ll take away from this session:

1. Why you need to take a proactive approach to your mental health

2. Knowledge of what is happening inside your body when you’re experiencing stress and how that leads to burnout

3. What you can put into practice straight away so that your stress doesn’t culminate in a mental health issue

14.45 - Refresh, Revive & Get Moving!

15.15 - International Keynote

Katherine Bond – Performance Consultant & Coach – Planet K2 (UK)

Readiness to Thrive – Learn from Olympians!

Katherine is a world leading expert in human performance. A Chartered Psychologist with a PhD in Sport and Performance Psychology, she’s supported athletes and coaches at the last 5 Olympic/Paralympic Games and worked with leading global businesses to help them perform better and maximise their potential. Katherine has a passion in supporting people to perform to their potential – at work, at home and at play. That essentially means she helps people make better choices to be ready to thrive – and perform – whatever the conditions!

While Katherine now spends most of her time working with business leaders, she retains a role as lead ‘readiness’ consultant with the GB Paralympic team, leading the ‘Readiness to Thrive at the Games’ strategy and programs – a highly successful program to ensure that the Paralympic team is 100% ready to perform – and deliver – at Games time.

What you will take away from this session:

1. Insight into how the world’s best athletes and leaders approach their performance, and how ‘readiness to thrive’ is an essential element of that

2. Real-life experience of how one of the most successful teams/organisations has implemented a ‘thriving’ strategy, and a framework that you can take back into your own organisation

3. Reflect on your own performance and readiness to thrive, and get started on a simple 4 step process so you’re ready to thrive and perform consistently well in your environment!

16.00 - Closing Reflection

Led by Vanessa Fudge – Founder & Systemic Leadership Coach – LeadingWell

16.15 – Farewell


As a peer-to-peer community, it’s only right the content and direction of the event is driven closely by your peers!

We thank the following awesome humans for their passion and guidance for the program:

Alana Bennett

Alana Bennett

Head of Talent : oOh! Media

Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis

Head of Culture : Vinomofo

Peggy Renders

Peggy Renders

Head of Presales : SAP

Nikki Beaumont

Nikki Beaumont

Founder & CEO : Beaumont People

Allison Rothmund

Allison Rothmund

Head of Customer Assist : National Australia Bank

Vanessa Fudge

Vanessa Fudge

Founder & Systemic Leadership Coach : LeadingWell

Lawrence Mitchell

Lawrence Mitchell

Chief Customer Officer : Sumo Salad

John McCrindle

John McCrindle

GM Property & Network : Caltex

Ashley Winnett

Ashley Winnett

Executive Director People, Performance & Culture : Holden

Adam Jadresic

Adam Jadresic

Head of WHS : Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand

Cathy McGurk

Cathy McGurk

Director, Customer Solutions : SAP


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As the sun rose and set over Manly’s sparking ocean beach, 150 progressive leaders came together in August 2017 to start a very special movement.

Founded on authenticity and vulnerability, we spent two days immersed in stories from a diverse range of leaders.

These storytellers openly divulged secrets on how they manage themselves, their teams and their organisations to thrive in this complex world in which we now live.

As part of this magical 3-D experience, we incorporated two days of movement, discussion, reflection, nutritious food, optional exercise and meditation! People said it was unlike anything they’d experienced before, but don’t just take our word for it….

I recently had the good fortune to attend the Thriving Workplace…not so much an event as a philosophy. I’ve attended many events over the last 17 years espousing to offer insight into the ‘secret sauce’ thriving organisations have, none have come close to the authenticity and humanity shared by the Thriving Workplace. This was by far the best event I have ever attended at providing insight into what brings out the best in people within the workplace. The opportunity to interact with and learn from such a vast array of truly inspiring individuals from around the globe was second to none. A big thank you and well done to Sophie, Claire and all the team involved.

Adam Jadresic

Head of Workplace Health & Safety - Fujitsu Australia

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