27-28 August 2019
A brave community for Australia’s most progressive Executives and Leaders dedicated to building high energy, high performing cultures where individuals, teams and business will thrive.

What is the thriving Workplace?

It’s a radical new movement built on a very simple belief – that behind every thriving business is a group of thriving human beings.

If you want your team or organisation to grow and succeed, you’ll need high-energy individuals and a strong culture to connect them all! It may be a simple concept, but workplaces globally are struggling to reach their full potential. Only 13% of employees are typically engaged in their work and Australian businesses are losing $33 billion annually in lost productivity from absenteeism.

It’s every leader’s responsibility to help combat this trend. At The Thriving Workplace 2019 event, your peers will show you how. Whether you are an individual looking to increase your own vitality and performance at work, or an executive responsible for thousands of employees, we invite you to join us and make a positive influence in your own world and beyond!

collective champions
Alana Bennett

Alana Bennett

Head of Talent,
oOh! media
Allan Sparkes

Allan Sparkes

Deputy Mental Health Commissioner, NSW
Allison Rothmund

Allison Rothmund

Head of Customer Assist / Wellbeing, NAB
John McCrindle

John McCrindle

General Manager, Property & Network, Caltex
Violet Roumeliotis

Violet Roumeliotis

CEO, Settlement Services International
Nikki Beaumont

Nikki Beaumont

Beaumont People
Mikey Ellis

Mikey Ellis

Culture Strategist,
Pragmatic Thinking
Cassandra Goodman

Cassandra Goodman

Owner & Director, Leading With Zest
Adam Jadresic

Adam Jadresic

EHS Lead,
Karen Oldaker

Karen Oldaker

Senior Executive, Wellbeing & Community, Medibank
Vanessa Fudge

Vanessa Fudge

Founder, Leading Well
This was by far the best event I have EVER gone to. I walked away inspired professionally and personally – plus I have never met so many amazing people in one place at one time! Thank you for your vision and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of the event with you. Sarah Ferraina

Marketing & Communications Manager – Beaumont People

I came away with an abundance of ideas on how I can impact my organisation in order to be well and thrive into the future. You have really started something and I encourage you to keep going with your mission. We all share the same desire to see our workplaces become places where people can be the best they can be! Renee Peterson

General Manager – Operations, People & Culture – Care Connect

the manifesto

The Thriving Workplace Manifesto is a written representation of our community,  providing this important movement with purpose, knowledge and direction.

The Manifesto is the product of two years of consultation with our Voice of the Collective – a dedicated group of awesome leaders from almost 200 public and private organisations here in Australia.

Representitives from every level and corner of organisations have been involved – including Sales, Finance, Operations, HR and Marketing – because EVERYBODY, regardless of title or position, has a huge part to play in building thriving workplaces!

Download the Manifesto below to gain an unique insight into what your peers think about these important questions:

* What does a thriving leader, team or workplace look like? *

* What are the key ingredients to thrive? *

* What are the realities that we are facing that may be preventing us from thriving already? *

I cannot express my appreciation at your generosity and hospitality, but most importantly your humility and intelligence and capacity to inspire. What you have created in such a short period of time is phenomenal and we at SSI are GREAT fans!!! I was so very inspired and enjoyed every moment I was there – the accommodation the food the people and networks, the speakers WOW, the goodies, the vibe the environment the people the learnings and the reflections. Thank you so very very much. We will always be a part of The Serenity Collective! Violet Roumeliotis

Chief Executive Officer – SSI

the story tellers

Since August 2017, the following incredible humans have shared their own transformation stories and insights with the Collective

Brian Heyworth
Global Head of Client Strategy, HSBC Asset Management (UK)

Meredith Wilson

EGM People & Sustainability, Wesfarmers Industrial

Geoff McDonald

Formerly – Global Head of HR, Unilever (UK)

Janet Verden

Formerly – Customer Experience Director, TNT

Rachna Gandhi

Formerly – CEO, Service NSW

Greg Steele

Group Executive, Arcadis Asia Pacific

Lisa O’Brien

CEO, The Smith Family

Chris Mason

Head of Talent, Compensation & Workforce Analytics, Patagonia (USA)

Barry Murphy

Global Learning Lead, Airbnb (Ireland)

David Ninnes

Group Head of Health, Safety & Wellbeing, Westpac

Allison Rothmund

Head of Customer Assist, NAB

Peggy Renders

Regional President of PreSales & Customer Solutions, SAP

Wayne Burton

Formerly – Global Medical Director, American Express (USA)

Nikki Beaumont

CEO, Beaumont People

Alana Bennett

Head of Talent, oOh! Media

Jason Wedesweiler

Business Engagement & Program Manager, Lendlease

Jamie Marloo Thomas

Founder, Wayapa Wuurrk

Mikey Ellis

Head of People & Culture, Vinomofo

John McCrindle

General Manager, Property & Network, Caltex

Nicole Tournier

Formerly – Director, Planning & Resources, RMIT University

Amanda Earl

Organisational Excellence Manager – Asia Pacific, lululemon

Dominic Price

Work Futurist, Atlassian

Violet Roumeliotis

CEO, Settlement Services International

Anna-Louise Bouvier

Founder & Creator, Happy Body at Work

Rowena Hubble

Group Financial Controller & Finance Transformation Lead, Metcash

Andrew Barnes

CEO, Perpetual Guardian (NZ)

Genevieve Hawkins

General Manager, Health, Safety & Well Being, Coles

Ashley Winnett

Director – Global Talent Acquisition, General Motors

Robyn Collins


Katherine Bond

Principal Consultant, Planet K2 (UK)

Lawrence Mitchell

Chief Customer Officer, Sumo Salad

Andrew Eagling

Business Development Manager, Corporate Health Solutions, Fitbit

Vicki Ashton

Chief Medical Director, Monash University

Megan Kingham

Manager Health & Wellbeing, Optus

Keith Ayers

CEO, Integro Learning Company

Jenny George

CEO, Converge International

Lesley Anne Clifton

IS Superintendent, Tomago Aluminium

Anthony Payne

Director HR / HSE, Fairfax

Anne Dasgupta

Formerly – Head of Culture, AMP

Melanie vonHartitzsch

People Geek, Culture Amp

Fiona Andrew

Head of EAP, Australia Post

Allan Sparkes

Deputy Commissoner of Mental Health, NSW Government

event partners




a unique event

A thriving event experience. Every aspect of the event is meticulously planned to help you thrive intellectually, emotionally and physically. Your program incorporates active learning, interaction, delicious food, time for movement and rejuvenation throughout the day and even space for quiet contemplative reflection in the relax and refocus zone! We offer you a simple experience that builds high-value, meaningful connection. .

The content is driven by you. You are beautifully unique and utterly brilliant! That’s why The Voice of the Collective gives you the platform to create your own thriving future. We run regular Meet-Ups, Surveys and Think Tanks where you can have your say in what’s important to you. What you ask for is directly translated into the event experience and agenda! You can learn more about our Voice of the Collective here

Be part of a thriving movement. The Thriving Workplace is much more than a one-off event, this is the beginning of something incredibly special: A movement where brave and bold leaders question the status quo in business, empowering individuals and organisations be the very best they can be. A movement that fights against the atrocious rates of disengagement, absenteeism and productivity we see in workplaces in Australia and beyond. Be part of something extraordinary and stand up for what you truly believe!

You have created something very special in the event and even more so in the community. I couldn’t count the number of conversations I had with folks who were so passionate, driven and connected around the movement you have started! I am truly honoured to play a small part in such an incredible event and gathering of wonderful humans. Barry Murphy

Global Learning Lead - Airbnb

The last couple of days at the Thriving Workplace have been FANTASTIC – best ever wellbeing conference I’ve attended !!! Your dedication, passion, enthusiasm and ability to bring together this tribe is truly remarkable. I loved the venue, delicious nutritious food and beautiful views and walks – all in keeping with the essence of the theme! Vicki Ashton

Chief Medical Officer – Monash University

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