18 – 19 MAY 2023


in person event 18-19 MAY 2023

Come and join this brave community of Australia’s most progressive Executives and Leaders dedicated to building high energy, high performing cultures where individuals, teams and business truly thrive.

The Theme for the 2023 Event is


Connection to Self. Connection to Team. Connection to the Workplace. Connection to the Community.

Connection is the glue that keeps our people together, moving in the same direction, united in the same goal.

When we get connection right, our people feel better, they perform better, and they stay with us longer.

But everything we knew about connection has been broken apart by the pandemic and now our new hybrid world of work.

It’s up to US to reimagine, redefine and re-empower connection.

Join us in May, let’s do this!!

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“Claire and Sophie there are no words to justify just how much I needed and loved spending time with incredible, intelligent and funny humans ‘face to face’ !! Book me in for next years #Thrivingworkplace which is like no other work conference, gathering, networking, seminar on earth !! You both absolutely nailed it… AGAIN !!”


senior executive – medibank
“There is something extraordinary about the joy of connection and possibility that comes when a group of humans get together with a common sense of purpose and strength for action. Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed – food for the leadership soul I reckon. Blessings to you Claire and Sophie for your gifts and impact in creating this gathering. May its seeds continue to germinate and inspire for many years to come.”


“It was — to say the least — a transformative experience…I honestly can’t think of a better landing place than with you all and the beautiful community you’ve created. I was humbled and supported and learned loads. What a phenomenal group of souls.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


“The community you have built is pretty amazing. It’s given me more motivation to keep connecting with spectacular people like you! Congratulations again on a wicked event”




Simon Brown-Greaves

Chief Mental Health Officer
- Australia Post

About Simon

Susan Moylan-Coombs

- The Gaimaragal Group

About Susan

Monica Watt

Chief People Officer / Founder
- Incredible Buzz

About Monica

Dan Despotoski

Group Head of People & Culture, Asia Pacific - Space Furniture

About Dan

Hang Osment-Le

Senior Client Manager, Wix / Founder & Director - All The Wild Roses

About Hang

Muhammad (Mo) Maarj

Principal Sports Podiatrist / Lecturer -Newcastle University

About Mo

Violet Rumeliotis

- Settlement Services International

About Violet

Karen Stein

Partner and Executive Coach
– Deloitte

About Karen

Dr David Paul

Specialist in the human aspects of organisational trans-re-formation

About David

Kevin Figueredo

General Manager, Risk, Safety & Sustainability – Super Retail Group

About Kevin


Culture Strategist. Speaker. Executive Mentor. Facilitator

About Meredith

Alison Mirams

Executive Chair – Roberts Co

About Meredith

Mel Marsden

Director & Founder - COMUNiTI

About Anne

Mikey Ellis

Founder - Conscious Culture Collective

About Meredith

Brig Fairbank

Vice President - Capgemini Invent

About Brig

Michael Morgan

CEO Asia - Herrmann International

About Michael

Jason Partington

Founder - The Sit

About Jason


Contemporary Abstract Artist

About Alejandra

Tegan Davies

General Manager and Head of Wellbeing – The Oranges Toolkit

About Tegan

Yaser Naseri

Marketing Activation Lead – Blackwoods

About Yaser



08.30 - Arrive & Relax


09.15 - Aboriginal Ochre Ceremony & Ancient Wisdom on Connection

Susan Moylan-Coombs – Founder, The Gaimaragal Group

10.00 - Welcome from our MC

10.15 - Candid Conversations: connection perspectives

Exploring the meaning and solutions for a connected workplace  from the perspective of a CEO, CHRO and a CMHO 

10.45 - Stretch and Connection Break Outdoors

Fuel your body with nutritious food, take in the fresh air and stunning views

10.15 - What You, Our Collective, Taught The World About Connection

We’ll share the most profound findings from our recent research on connection in the workplace and underline the implications for you and your organisation

12.00 - Thought Leader Interview

12.30 - Outdoor Lunch

Fuel your body with nutritious food and take a leisurely stroll with new friends

13.30 - Thought Leader Interview

14.00 - Candid Conversations: The Experiences in Life that Nobody Can Prepare You For - Do they make you a more connected leader?

  • Sharing the experiences that have shaped us
  • What life skills can we tap into to be better leaders?
  • Exploring the line between trauma and transformation

14.30 - Afternoon Tea

Fuel your body with nutritious food, take in the fresh air and stunning views

15.00 - Take a Brain Break

Enjoy one of our optional activities that will take you into a different part of your brain or body. Art classes, massage, breathwork and ice immersions are all on offer!

16.00 - Behind the Collective : Life and Connection with Claire and Sophie

16.30 - Community Celebration Down By the Bay


08.00 - Floating relaxation on the beach

09.00 - Day 2 Welcome

09.15 - Candid Conversation: What Can Refugees Teach Us About Belonging?

  • Sharing stories of resilience, belonging and connection
  • Exploring the link between belonging, energy and contribution

09.45 - Thought Leader Interview

10.15 - Stretch and Connection Break Outdoors

Fuel your body with nutritious food, take in the fresh air and stunning views

10.45 - Co-Creation Workshop: Equipping Leaders with the Language of Connection

  • Upskilling our people to connect effectively
  • Having the hard conversations
  • Asking the right questions
  • Role modelling
  • The balancing act between vulnerability and oversharing
  • How to build a culture of openness in your team

11.30 - Thought Leader Interview

12.00 - Outdoor Lunch

Fuel your body with nutritious food and take a leisurely stroll with new friends

13.00 - Candid Conversations: the gender wellbeing gap

  • Does the gender wellbeing gap exist?
  • The link between gender and our experiences of connection in the workplace
  • Sharing stories – how three senior women balance family and big jobs?

13.30 - Candid Conversations: Is There a Link Between Mental Health & Connection?

  • Sharing personal experiences about the relationship between mental wellbeing and connection
  • Whose responsibility is it to manage mental health?
  • Where do we go to from here?

14.00 - Afternoon Tea

15.15 - Co-Creation Workshop: So, What Next?

Courageous leaders need audacious plans. Distill your musings into a concrete plan of action for 2023 and make change happen.

16.00 - Final Energiser + Cheerio for Now!

Imagine yourself spending two incredible days here…

Hidden away in 30-hectares of native Australian bushland lies a unique setting for your discovery and transformation journey!

With its own secluded beach, stunning views over the harbour, ocean breeze and natural light streaming in through the windows…we think we’ve found the ultimate space for this year’s Thriving Workplace event.

Whilst you’ll feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in reality you’re just a short ferry ride away from the CBD. Plus, it’s one of the only places in Sydney where you’ll find free parking!

We invite you to join us for a truly unique experience that will:

Absorb the wisdom of the global experts and experience of the community to co-create a new future together
Empower meaningful connection and long-lasting relationships with incredible humans just like YOU
Break down commonly held beliefs rife in our society that are hindering progress in our workplaces
Allow you to be fully present in a stunning physical environment away from any distraction and busy-ness
Immerse you into a 360-degree wellbeing experience – move, think, conspire, laugh and celebrate together

with immense gratitude to our 2023 partners

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