Reveal Your Best Self to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level!
We invite you to take 3 days to transform…
Join an intimate group of awesome leaders in a serene space for in-depth discovery and transformation. You’ll detox from technology and the stressors of everyday life and luxuriate in the absolute privacy in this secluded, rejuvenating retreat surrounded by trees and nature.
You Will Leave a More Courageous and Authentic Leader With:
A greater understanding of – and connection to – yourself
The power of empathy to connect with your people
Clarity through creativity
New techniques you can use at work and at home to optimise your mental performance and wellbeing
Renewed energy and empowerment to make real change
A special connection to an awesome tribe of closely-knit leaders to propel and support you in your journey to thrive!
Your 3 Day Journey
The Thriving Leader Retreat has been meticulously planned around the concept of a 360-degree Wellbeing Experience that will transform you spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. As well as periods of intense learning and discovery, you’ll enjoy gourmet, nutritious food and delicious drinks, swimming, bush walks, expression through art, mindfulness, fun and plenty of reflection time.
Your 3 Day Journey
The Thriving Leader Retreat has been meticulously planned around the concept of a 360-degree Wellbeing Experience that will transform you spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. As well as periods of intense learning and discovery, you’ll enjoy gourmet, nutritious food and delicious drinks, swimming, bush walks, expression through art, mindfulness, fun and plenty of reflection time.


10.30 - Arrive & Settle In

11.00 - Get to Know One Another. Set Personal and Collective Intentions

12.30 - Lunch & Network in Nature

13.30 - Module 1: Connecting to Your True Purpose

15.15 - Afternoon Tea & Walking Reflection

16.00 - Module 2: Uncover Your Personal Values

17.45 - Unleash Your Creativity Through Daydreaming (personal time)

18.30 - Sunset Drinks, Followed By Delicious Dinner Overlooking the Valley


06.00 - Sunrise Swim, Stretch or Bush Walk

06.45 - Refresh (personal time)

07.30 - Fuel Body & Mind with Breakfast

08.30 - Module 3: What Will Make You a Better Leader?

09.30 - Module 4: Leading With Vulnerability and Authenticity

10.30 - Morning Tea & Walking Reflection

11.15 - Module 4 cont: Leading with Vulnerability and Authenticity

12.15 - Lunch & Walking Discussion

13.15 - Module 5: Building High-Performing Teams Through Empathy & Resourcefulness

15.15 - Afternoon Tea

16.00 - Module 6: Unleashing Your Creativity

18.00 - Reflect & Revive (personal time)

18.30 - Winefulness - A Mindful Wine Tasting

18.45 - Delicious, Nutritious Dinner

19.45 - Fireside Meditation & Reflections of the Day


06.00 - Sunrise Swim, Stretch or Bushwalk

06.45 - Refresh (personal time)

07.15 - Fuel Body & Mind with Breakfast

08.00 - Module 7: Training Your Mind for Increased Energy & Focus

10.00 - Morning Tea & Walking Meeting

10.45 - Module 8: Intention + Action = Attraction

12.00 - Celebratory Lunch

13.00 - Farewell

Your Facilitators & Mentors

Vanessa founded coaching and consulting firm LeadingWell on the belief that leadership and wellness together create thriving organisations.

Through her extensive experience in advising leaders across industries, Vanessa has found that companies that thrive ensure they raise the overall wellbeing of their people. Vanessa is also an author most recently published in the Sage Handbook of Mentoring and in Coaching In Asia Pacific for London University.

In partnership with sister company FeelGoodLeadership UK Vanessa collaborates on world class leadership and wellness programs. Vanessa’s core focus includes transforming team dynamics, leadership coaching, organizational transformation, coaching skills development and strategy facilitation.

Currently Vanessa is co-authoring another book with international coaching and mentoring export David Clutterbuck from London University for Sage Press on Team Coaching. Vanessa’s clients include The Reserve Bank of Australia, Dept of Family and Community Services, Greenpeace, Coles, Lifeline, Australian Defence, Australian Sports Commission, The Royal Australian Navy, The Garvan Institute and Spirit of Tasmania.

This year Vanessa completed study in systemic leadership and advanced facilitation using organisational constellations in London with an international cohort of coaching experts. Vanessa is a registered Psychologist specialising in organisational system dynamics; an Accredited Certified Meta Coach (ACMC) through the Institute of Neuro-Semantics; Organisational Development Resources (ODR) Practitioner and Train the Trainer; Certified Leadership Circle 360 Assessment coach. She has three boys and so spends much time lovingly resolving chaos!

Vanessa Fudge

Founder & Systemic Leadership Coach, LeadingWell

Resilience is one of the hottest topics of today, and while the intention to help people through tough times is positive, Daniel believes we are missing the mark slightly.

In this highly engaging session, Daniel takes you on a journey to understand the difference between resilience and resourcefulness, and the important role that empathy, understanding and human connections plays in building teams.

Daniel provides simple anecdotes, stories, tools and techniques which can help leaders and individuals better understand what it means to build a diverse and agile team. He explores different ways to adapt to the changing environment and ideas to support others through these challenging times.

Using empathy as the platform, Daniel takes participants through a journey to discover the most powerful resource at the disposal of any leader is the deep human connections they build and foster. Now more than ever, leaders need to harness diverse people with unique skills to work through challenging problems. That is why building empathy and resourcefulness is a key to creating any high performing team.

Daniel Murray

Director, Empathic Consulting

Mikey is the Head of Culture at Vinomofo, one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies and a leader in innovation, disruption and values-based company culture.

Mikey wants to live in a world where companies engage and empower people to express their unique talents, strengths and creativity as they contribute to a more productive and human workplace. He believes companies, regardless of size, have a unique opportunity to teach and promote self-awareness and empathy, and in doing so contribute positively to society beyond the workplace.

Previous roles have included; family business owner, expedition leader, teacher, wine writer and educator, personal development coach. Mikey is fascinated by human behaviour and is committed to helping companies identify and bring out the best in their people. A quick scroll through Instagram would suggest he has a rather unhealthy obsession with Jamon Iberico, Pinot Noir and egg yolks.

Mikey Ellis

Head of Culture, Vinomofo

Sam has been designing and facilitating personal development and corporate leadership programs for over 15 years and has worked across all sectors including blue chip corporates, NGOs and Government.

Her Masters degree explored self-actualization and her PhD was in transformational education design for corporate leaders. Her academic side demands scientific evidence to support her mind training work, and she is driven by making the complex simple.

She has 20 years experience in Eastern development methods, her personal favourite being chi gung. Sam has trained over 2000 people since 2013 with her Mind Training tools, having designed the program by combining the latest western science with long-standing eastern techniques. The tools were then test-driven and refined in the hot-house of elite sport as Sam worked with the South Sydney Rabbitohs in 2014, the year they won the Premiership, and did two years with St Kilda, as they rose through the ranks from wooden-spooners (18th) to equal 8th.

Her purpose with Mind Training Australia is to enable people to step out of the noise, so they can show up more fully in whatever they pursue, whether that be in business, sports or home life.

Dr. Samantha Graham

Greg is a Mindfulness Coach, Meditation Teacher, Emotional Intelligence Specialist and Mentor working with business executives, corporate groups, sports professionals, private clients, doctors and groups both within Australia and Internationally.

He is passionate about helping to bring out the best in people, the forming of great relationships in both work environments & personal life situations, as well as assisting clients to visualise and create new launch platforms. Creating clarity, well-being, happiness and success in all areas of people’s lives.

Greg often facilitates retreats to activate Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence within Australia and throughout the world. Another role includes working with Australian Centre of Holistic Studies as a coach and mentor to students training to become accredited meditation teachers. This keeps him up to date with all current research and findings about meditation and mindfulness.

Greg sees his meditation teaching as a great honour and privilege, as well as his obligation & quest to assist each and every client to attain a higher level of inner peace and state of wellbeing. Working one person, business or team at a time to gradually make the world a happier, healthier and more harmonious place.

Greg Hawes

Founder, GH Meditation

Creativity is a highly sought-after skill in business, including creative leadership, creative solutions and creative teams. So what does it all mean? How can our creativity shape the way we connect with our ideas and each other? >

Join Registered Art Therapist and Communications professional, Justine Henderson, for a fun, two hour guided workshop to re-activate your creativity and re-discover your creative potential. No art experience is required and all materials will be provided.

‘If we replace our fear with creativity, the result is courage in motion and this can be an opportunity for individual growth and collective development that can produce astounding results.’ I am looking forward to meeting you at the ‘Thriving Leader’ retreat and supporting your creative journey.

Justine Henderson

Registered Art Therapist, Creative You Art Therapy

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