Your Blueprint to the Future: Reimagining Workplaces to Inspire Human Potential

The role workplaces play is changing.

No longer are they where you need to go “to do work”.

When we were all sent home in a mass exodus in March 2020, we received a very quick reality check on the fact that workplaces are no longer where we need to go to work and that working from home can actually work!

So, this poses the question for many organisations; what is the true purpose of our work environment, and how do we ensure it meets the needs of our people?

Reimagining the future of work looks different for every organisation. The good news is, the data and insights exist within your very walls!


In this 3-hour Workshop, we’ll show you how to unlock it using the five pillars of the Workplace Dynamics Blueprint COMUNiTI have developed over many years of working with organisations, creating spaces that inspire human potential.

Incorporating latest research, group discussion and takeaway tools, this workshop will introduce the 5 pillars of the Workplace Dynamics Blueprint:

1. Reimagine the Future of Work – Have you considered the opportunities and impact technology, external influences, industry disruptions and workplace trends will have on your organisation in the near future?

2. Brand + Culture – Every business has a unique brand personality and when this is infused into the very fabric of the environment, it elicits emotion, a feeling of connection. It’s the experience that you want internal & external people to feel when they work with you and leads to the creation of culture. It’s how you want people to feel.

3. Values + Behaviours – Our purpose is inextricably linked right through to the behaviours that we expect to see in our organisations. It’s through the behaviours of our people that we can see the values that exist in our organisation. It is through our environment that we can influence these behaviours.

4. Wellbeing – Fostering a wellness culture is the cornerstone to not only employees adopting and maintaining healthy behaviours, but in a changing world of work, creating an environment in which both your employees and organisation will flourish.

5. Employee Experience – We are all individuals. We each have differing personalities, preferred work styles, varying roles and task descriptions. Understanding your people is critical to help you design a workplace to best support them with the right environment for optimal productivity.


The Key Takeaways from Participating:

  • How to identify the core challenges that organisations face moving forward
  • Strategies to unlock the data in your organisation to optimise your workplace for your people
  • The tools to engage at all levels of your organisation to optimise your future of work.

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“The program has helped us structure the change we need to create a workplace people will love by diving deep into the different silos that exist in our workplace and organisation.

I believe the greatest impact that we will achieve in our organisation from implementing this program will be in our overall culture. This program has been an insightful process that encapsulates everything that your business needs to create an experience that is unique to your brand and organisation.”



“We had the highest financial performance on record in our 35 years in business” in the first six months after we moved into our new premises. It’s really driven another component of our culture; we’re flexible, agile and ready to face the new world.

We attribute that to the way our newly designed workspace enabled our different teams to engage and come up with multi-disciplinary solutions for our clients. Our teams are able to interact better than ever before. We were a 35 year old business, now we are an agile, flexible business ready to embrace opportunity.”



About Your Blueprint Guide.

Melissa Marsden is a Workplace Dynamics Strategist. She has worked with corporates and professional services firms to create physical environments that drive high performance teams.

Mel believes that our environments have the opportunity to positively influence our behaviour and performance at work.

Through the Workplace Dynamics Blueprint model, Mel supports organisations to shift employee and business mindsets from slow, stagnant operations to agile and flexible environments, enabling them to swiftly adopt new business opportunities and streams, whilst establishing a premium level employee experience.
Workplace environments need a new vision for the future and they need it fast! In this workshop session, Mel will provide you with some of the tools you need to position you as an employer of choice, beginning your journey of building your own internal capacity for delivering a high-performance workplace your people will love.

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