The Serenity Ethos

At The Serenity Collective we believe there is and can be a better way of living and working.

Our lives today are hyperconnected and hectic, yet we feel more disconnected and disengaged than ever.

Few of us are performing at our best – juggling multiple demands simultaneously leaves us little time and energy for creativity, fun and curiosity.

We embrace the wholly intertwined nature of our work and home lives, and we bring people and businesses together
to change the world for the better.

At the Serenity Collective our ethos is to champion health, happiness and high performance for every person, both at home and at work.

We deliver unique experiences, events and retreats that help to create a complete package where people and organisations can truly thrive!

If you are someone who cares about your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing,
The Serenity Collective is for you.

If you are an organisation who knows the success of your business depends on the wellbeing and performance of your people,
we welcome you with open arms too.

Everything we do at The Serenity Collective is built on incredible relationships. We both advocate and live these values in work, at home and in every interaction with you:

Our Values



We all crave authentic relationships in our professional and personal lives.

For these relationships to thrive, we need to be both trustworthy and trusting.

We always act with integrity – to walk the walk. We have respect for ourselves and others.

We are open and honest, there are no hidden agendas.



Even the toughest situation handled with kindness leaves people feeling good.

Remember that we are all striving to be happy – in our own ways and within our own journeys.

Through kindness and compassion we can get the best out of ourselves and each other.



Because less is actually more.

This life is complicated enough without us adding extra complexity.

Keeping things simple brings clarity and creates more space in our lives for those things that really matter.



It’s easy to be complacent in our busy lives, but remember to be grateful for everything we already have, rather than wanting for more.

Acknowledge those things personally and professionally that make us unique and inspired.



Human beings are tremendously courageous and resilient, but we often forget it.

Harness your strength and energy to progress in this life.

Fight for those things in which you believe and champion a better world for future generations.



Through self-discovery we can find our true purpose, giving us direction and empowerment to change our lives for the better.

Once we are living with purpose, we get the most out of everything we do both at home and at work, right now.